1. tingfest:



    Coming this May from Koyama Press!

    Jesse Jacobs is one of the artists featured at the Ting Comic and Graphic Arts Festival!

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  3. jacobvanloon:

    Station IV (triptych)
    Jacob van Loon

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  4. zegas:

    Frank Miller & Lynn Varley


    Frank Miller - Ronin

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  5. malachiward:

    I’ve got some new paintings to show you! The reception is next Friday, the night before A.P.E., so stop by if you’re in town.
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    More info here


  6. thespithouse:


    this is about me

    To put this popular image into context, this is an excerpt from my 2012 Mini-Comic “The Cactus Queen” (now out of print) which is a story about the rape and murder of young girl crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. After her death she transcends into “The Cactus Queen”, ruling over that region of the desert and later brings a hallucinatory vision to a passing tourist who then relives her murder.

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  7. Hugo Moreno

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  8. nivbavarsky:

    “Summer Prayer” / gouache on paper, 16” x 12”


  9. 3rdeyedosage:

    Sam Vanallemeersch

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  10. jakelazovick:

    Jim Houser - Fever Dreams


    acrylic and collage on wood with twine


  11. 2headedsnake:

    Asakura Kouhel

    Landscape, 2012

    watercolor, colored pencil on drawing paper

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  12. theriacontoast:

    Chris Pell, The Orb

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  13. nivbavarsky:

    B.B.O Dead Mech -

    Trio Lines / Niv B colors


  14. tenderland:

    Gouache on paper. Fluorescent pink. All the things I find tasty.

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  15. nevver:

    Frank Miller + Batman + sound effects = Master class